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Christophe Beesau, Paris
  I am a French Mathematician, passionate about Indian culture and specially Indian classical music. I took some lessons of Sitar in Mumbai, with Pallavi Mehta, but as I live in Paris, 7000 km from there, I also wanted to practice when I was back home.

It is a real pleasure to be one of her "online students", because Pallavi is a great teacher. She always gives the best of herself, and online lessons are exactly as the ones I took in Mumbai. With Skype and a webcam, it's easy to follow her explanations, to listen to her when she plays, to see the right position for hands or fingers, and to play with her. Each lesson is one hour long. Pallavi follows my work and checks the details as well as the global way I play. I like this because I think it is the best way to make progress.

It is an honour and a pleasure to be her student.
Pallaviben's dedication to her students is simply unmatched! She is not only flexible with her schedule, but is incredibly patient, resourceful and knowledgeable. Pallaviben's caliber, her drive and her commitment to the art of teaching music is apparent on the first day of class. I believe myself to be very fortunate to be her student.  
Riddhi Mehta, Boston, USA
Anuraddha Joshi, Chiplun, Maharashtra
  Hello, I am Anuradha Shyam Joshi. I am a housewife and 44 years old. I am truly fond of music and love to play the Sitar. Guruma, Pallavi Mehtaji is training me in Sitar since the last one and half years. I am very satisfied and happy with the kind of training imparted to me through her training process.

I am very happy to have such a 'Guru'. Due to her encouragement, friendly and cooperative nature, I am able to travel from Chiplun (Ratnagiri, Konkan) to take monthly lessons at the Soor Academy without any hassles.
I was always fascinated by the beautiful instrument that Sitar is, I started taking classes in the eleventh standard but that was for a short while as the pressure of my class XII board exams took over. Subsequently I graduated from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore in 2010 and started working at a law firm in Bombay. My fascination for the seven stringed beauty resurfaced and I found an excellent guru in Pallavi didi to guide me in learning the Sitar. My days at Soor Academy have been joyful and merry. However, I shifted to Chennai after a year but I am glad that I have continued to take classes from Pallavi Didi over Skype. I hope my association with Soor Academy lasts for a lifetime.  
Gowathaman Ragnathan, Chennai
Veena Nair, Dubai
  My name is Veena Nair, I joined Soor Academy in 1995, and then moved to Dubai, from where I pursued my learnings with Pallavi Mehta whose tireless effort of teaching even when I was far away in Dubai, it seemed not so far away. An institution in itself has not only brought the beautiful instrument sitar into my life, it also teaches me values of humility. Thank you Pallavi ji for your dedication with me from so faraway.
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